By Lingzhi LIU and Chuan ZHANG

Year 2013


With high speed development and globalization in Chinese cities, the characteristics of each city are disappearing; faceless scene is becoming the crisis of Chinese city features. To be an indispensable element to create a city, urban architectural color chaos and characteristics loosing are important parts of this “crisis”. However, Many color planning, however, is emphasis in old town, and lack of horizontal comparison analysis and quantitative analysis in city color between old town and new town. This study selected 5 major cultural districts of Chinese historic city—Hangzhou, measured the color of buildings that status in different ages’ typical in each district and carried out questionnaire of citizens’ urban color consciousness, then, quantitative comparison between color in old town and new town in Hangzhou. According to the result, it will discuss the problem of color continuing and loose in development of both old town and new town and try to find out the general laws of urban color development, offer theoretical support to Hangzhou urban color planning.

Downoload : Study on color evolution and development of urban – example of urban color planning in Hangzhou