By Gyeol KO, Yumie HONG, Hyerim HONG, Hyejeong HAHM, Youngin KIM

Year 2013


This study aims to confirm the need for process development for fashion image making, by analyzing colors using PCDS(Personal Color Design System) to suggest a suitable personal colors, and one’s own fashion item colors making their daily fashion image. We used data collected from observing 4 female fashion major students ageing from 20s to 30s, and extracted colors from their daily fashion garments composed main and sub-items. From the comparison of personal colors and colors of fashion items, we noticed that sub fashion items’ colors were selected according to main fashion item colors, and some concordances in hue, but some differences in tone. The tones of garments worn by test subjects were more diverse and broad than ideal color tones that PCDS suggested. This study contributes in developing new system in fashion image making process, and it requires future research on more sufficient subjects.

Download : Analysis of fashion items’colors in fashion image making process