By Natha Kuptasthien

Year 2009


Engineering Schools in Colleges and Universities play vital roles as knowledge sources and innovation creators. Engineering curricula are well­ designed to prepare the student with knowledge, skill and attitude for entering real-life work environment. Though, employers of new engineers have higher expectations. Therefore, an industry – university collaboration can increase opportunity and benefits to both organizations to involve in the process of producing qualified engineers. This paper discusses   long-term industry-university cooperation by encouraging continuous cooperative activities through     Co-Op program, Pre-project and Project courses.  This research shows the cooperation between an industry and university with longer term with one to one and a half year. A data collection and a satisfaction survey show a higher trend in numbers of participative industrial companies and a high satisfaction on senior engineering students’ competencies in both activities.

Download : Bridging The Gap: Building Industry­ University Long-Term Cooperation Through Co-Op Program And Project Course