By Y. Kumsuwan, W. Srirattanawichaikul and S. Premrudeepreechacharn

Year 2009


This paper presents modeling of stand-alone self­ excited  induction generator  used  to operate under variable speeds  prime mover. The proposed dynamic model consists of  induction generator, excitation capacitor and  inductive load model are expressed  in stationary α-β reference frame with the actual magnetizing saturation curve of the induction machine. The aim of this research is to developed and designs of the self-excited induction genera tor and to describe the simulation results using a Matlab/Simulink. The system has been simulated to verify its capability such as build-up  voltage and stator  nu x linkage responses, stator phase current, electromagnetic torque and variation of magnetizing inductance both during dynamic and steady­-state with variable speed  prime mover.

Download : Matlab/Simulink Based on αβ Modeling of Self-Excited  Induction Generator