Wood Charcoal Gasifier Engine Alternative Energy

โดย ศุภวิทย์ ลวณะสกล

ปี 2549

วารสารวิศวกรรมศาสตร์ ราชมงคลธัญบุรี. ปีที่ 4, ฉบับที่ 8 (ก.ค. – ธ.ค. 2549), หน้า 24-27


Gasifier-engine for power generation system has been designed. fabricated , as well as gasification tested. The system consists of a gasifier unit. Purification system (cyclone. filter and cooler), electric generator (2.2 kVA). small internal combustion engine (6.5 HP), and water pump. The gasifier is a fixed base downdraft batch-type consists of a 10 mm thickness with sheet iron walls unit. It has total height of 900 mm with external diameter of 310 mm. The fuel use is wood charcoal. The maximum power generation was found to be 1 kWe. For lighting, water pump flow rate is 10 m[subscript3]/hr and 40 ampere – hour battery for charging. The charcoal consumption rate is at 3 kg/hr

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