By Sutthawan Suphan and Sirikhae Pongswat


Pediastrum is a genus of green algae in the Family Hydrodictyaceae, Division Chlorophyta. It is commonly found in freshwater, nonmotile, with flattened colonies of cells in an elaborate starlike pattern. The number and arrangement of cells is genetically determined for each species. The objective of this research was studied on the diversity of green algae Pediastrum spp. was carried out on October 2010. The samples were collected from the pond that blooming of Pediastrum spp. situated in University of Technology Thanyaburi, Pathumthani Province, Thailand. Sampling of Pediastrum spp. was done using a plankton net (10 μm pore size) and preserved with Lugol’s solution. Fresh and living material was used to identify by light microscopy to showed chloroplast and pyrenoid features (Fig.1). Scanning electron microscope was very useful in this study, it was used to showed the surface of the walls that smooth or ornamented (Fig. 2). Identification was carried out using the relevant books such as Smith (1950), Whitford and Schumacher (1969), Prescott (1970) and John et al. (2002). It was found that 11 species of Pediastrum spp. were identified. The most of them were Pediastrum simplex Meyen, Pediastrum duplex var. reticulatum Lagerheim and Pediastrum duplex var. gracillimum W. West & G.S. West.

DOWNLOAD : Morphological Studies on Green Algae Pediastrum spp.