By Sirikhae Pongswat and Sutthawan Suphan


This research has a main objective to study on the diversity of phytoplankton especially euglenoids in Lotus Ponds in Lotus Museum, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Prathumthani Province, Thailand. The period of time was carried out between November 2009 to April 2010. Sampling of phytoplankton was done using a plankton net (10 μm pore size) and preserved with Lugol’s solution. Fresh and living material was used to identify by light microscopy. It is necessary to recognize the characteristic features such as flagella, chloroplasts, stigma, pellicle, reservoir and paramylon body. Scanning electron microscope was used to identify and showed the very fine details especially details of the collar and lorica surface (smooth, punctuate or striate) in Trachelomonas spp. and Strombomonas spp. Identification was carried out using the relevant books such as Wolowski (1998), John et al. (2002) and Wolowski and Hindák (2005). It was found that nineteen species of euglenoids were investigated and classified in Division Euglenophyta. The most abundant were Euglena spp., Trachelomonas spp., Phacus spp. and Strombomonas spp

DOWNLOAD : Scanning Electron Microscopic of Euglenoids in Lotus Pond