By Sirikhae  Pongswat and Sutthawan  Suphan

Award  KIWIE  Award : Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition 2010 (KIWIE  2010)

Algae are the autotrophic organism that can contain a high lipid, rapid growth and require small area for growing. Therefore, algae are the very interesting organism to apply for biofuel production.  One of the problem issue is about the complicated of cultivation system, so the column photobioreactor for algal cultivation was developed in this research. It can control many conditions for algal cultivation such as light, nutrients, oxygen and decrease scum formation including easy to harvest the products. Therefore, the algae that cultured with this column photobioreactor will have rapid growth rate and high lipid content. This method have a high potential to be used for algal cultivation for biofuel production with high biomass production and reduce cost, it is very interesting method for production alternative energy while lacking of energy in the present day.