By Asst.Prof. Marin Salee

Award  Bronze Prize : Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition 2010 (KIWIE  2010)

The purposes of this research were to study in transformation food product from Sesbania : flower and top of sesbania leaves in Ayutthaya province. The development of  two product’s packaging as sesbania’s flower tea, sesbania’s flower powder tea and sesbania’s flower gang-som  drying.

The experiment by randomized completely block design : RCBD there were in appropriate quantity of tea and the standard recipe of sesbania’s flower gang-som  drying. And funding satisfactory of tea product in quality cause : color, smell, taste and likeness by sensory tease used  Hedonic Scaling 1 to 5. The statistics for analyzing the data were One-Way ANOVA (Analysis of Variance). Analyzing the mean of different by Duncan’s New Multiple Range Test. The result of research show that : every quantity of tea and standard recipe of  sesbania’s flower gang-som  drying were significant at .05 level. The processes of drying sesbania’ s flower to used the temperature  70° c  for 2 hours packed in the tea bag about  3 grams and 2 grams for sesbania’s flower powder. The top of sesbania leaves roasted on medium heat  about 50 gms /20 minutes and used the temperature  70° c  for 3 hours packed in the tea bag about  3 grams. The shelf life of there were more than 60 days by not change in quality cause, the sesbania’s flower gang-som  drying made form standard recipe by mixed together everything in box (20 grams) used the temperature  50° c  for 6 hours. The packaging of them was wrapped in aluminum fiord with sesbania’s flower dried it’s shelf life not more than 30 days because may be had the changing in smell, taste and texture.