By C. Suppitaksakul,  N. Chalermklin,  S. Parsapratet  and S. Sungnu

Year 2010


This paper presents a prototype of dissipated force measuring set for testing of soft armor in Thailand. The measuring set consists of (i) The impact absorber (ii) Transducers which were specially designed using two air cylinders, modified air pressure switch and Hall Effect sensor (iii) the Data Acquisition (DAQ) and (iv) the processing part (computer). The impact force is converted into analog voltage by the force transducers using Hall Effect sensors then passed to the Data Acquisition (DAQ). DAQ is controlled and processed by LabView program in order to collect and record the impact force data. The data is plotted in two and three dimension shapes for impact visualization. The obtained results from the measuring set are compared to the traditional testing method according to NIJ standard 0101.04 using Roma Plastilina No.1 clay. The experiments were carried on to capture the impact force from the shooting test. The satisfactory results are given and reported.

DOWNLOAD : A Prototype Measuring Set for Capturing Dissipated Force on Soft Armor