Author  N. Choosakul, M. Buddhakala, N. Barnthip, A. Muakngam and C. Banglieng

Year     2011


Solar cell is the instrument that can convert solar radiation into electricity. The electric current is generated by the solar cell when the solar radiation is incident onto the Solar cell. The intensity of the incident solar radiation can control the amounts of generated electric current. In daytime, the variation of intensity of the incident solar radiation mainly comes from the cloud over the solar cells. It caused the variation of generated electric current. This phenomenon serves the new way to use the solar call for meteorological purpose. In the period of experiment days, the results showed that the variation of generated electric current might be plausible to the daily weather condition. On the sunny day, the generated current was small fluctuation and has high level. Otherwise, a small fluctuation with low level one is appear in the cloudy day. On the rainning period, the generated current could drop down more than 3000 mA in compare with the sunny period.

DOWNLOAD : Application of Solar Cells for Daytime Weather Study