By Prapaporn Dolkit and Purin Akkarakultron

Year 2013


This research aims to produce and estimate the efficiency of photo database to study the water lily of 70 breeds. The study is to produce photos of water lily and bring to assess the efficiency in details through questionnaires and sample groups of 302 visitors at the lotus museum of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. The result indicated that controlled factors, such as the distorted photos by using a long focus lens similar to a standard lens, the color balance by estimating the color temperature of photo-recording devices as same as the light-color temperature, the light not differing from taking photos in the morning, the disordered background by using the black scene, using the eye-level angle to a 20-degree-high angle to show the dimension of blooming flowers, using a 20-degree-low angle to a 20-degree-high angle to portray the budding flower shapes, using a high-angle camera to a 60-degree-high-angle camera to show the lotus petal shape, using the high-angle camera to show the leaf shapes, designating the direction of front light and side light to show the water lily leaf and branch surfaces, and using the color-checker sheet to check the color correctness to display the flower leave and branch colors can produce the photos applying the study of the water lily breeds to grow them as garden trees in the very good level.

Download : Producing database of images for the study of water lily’s variety