By B. Plangklang, P. Apiratikul  and K. Phumkittipich

Year 2010

Journal of Engineering. RMUTT Volume 8, Issue 1  (Jan – Jun 2010), p. 69-78


Nowadays, a high voltage with high frequency Tesla transformer is used for testing a 115 kV line post insulator. However, the cost of Tesla transformer is still high therefore this paper presents the design, and construction of a low-cost high performance Tesla transformer for line post insulator testing. Since the designed Tesla transformer is for line post insulator thus the output of the transformer is designed for rate of 500 kV. The output wave shape is controlled based on the resonance circuit. The simulation and experimental results of Tesla transformer is presented the suitability of the principle design parameters. From the test results, it is found that the performance of the output obtained from the Tesla transformer is satisfied to test a line post insulator.

Download : Development of Low-Cost Tesla Transformer for High Performance Testing 115 kV Line Post Insulator