By Jarel B. Tadio

Year 2022


The objective of this research was to assess the effectiveness of online learning model in Art Appreciation course of the firstyear Hospitality Management students. The sample used in the experiment for trying out the efficiency of media for online learning were 26 firstyear students who enrolled the first semester of 20202021 academic years in the College of Hospitality Management at Cagayan State University, Andrews Campus, Philippines.The instruments used in the research were a videoclip posted on Youtube for the learning of Art Appreciation and fifteen items of achievement test which were the difficulty value (p) ranging from 0.38 to 0.78, a discrimination power (r) between 0.20 to 0.63 and with the reliability of 0.74. To try out the learning online for efficiency, the tests were divided into three components: 1) onetoone testing of 3 students, 2) smallgroup testing of 9 students, and 3) field group testing of 26 students.

The samples took the pretest, learned from the videoclip posted on YouTube and took the posttest. The scores of the tests were then calculated by using Hovland et als solution for the effectiveness index.

The research results showed that the videoclip posted on YouTube for the experiment in Art Appreciation course for the Hospitality Management freshmen had effectiveness index 0.58. Therefore, the videoclip posted on YouTube had achieved the objective of this research and would be used for actual teaching and online learning in Art Appreciation course for the Hospitality Management freshmen.

Download: The Development of Online Learning Model in Art Appreciation Course of Freshmen Hospitality Management Students at Cagayan State University, Philippines