By Asst. Prof.  Salaipet  Srisuwan

Award  Bronze  Prize : Seoul  International  Invention  Fair  2009 (SIIF 2009)

The objects of This research is to help maintain and develop Thai traditional perfume products. To develop traditional Thai perfumes by using present day technology.To discover and produce new perfume products from local Thai materials.To preserve and promote  Thai culture through Thai products with an international standard. 

Research method by The needs of the consumer market have been researched through survey. Using three kinds of local Thai fragrances, made from herbal extracts, wood, and 90% alcohol mixed and preserved until the proper time. 200 people and 10 specialists were surveyed to try all three kinds of perfume and fill out a survey. After all the information was gathered, the statistics were analyzed.  The results of the perfume product survey pointed out that 86% of consumer market were female. 49.7% of the women surveyed are 30 years old or younger. For education, 60.1% had a Bachelor degree. Also 58.0% of the women were single. Those with an income range lower than 10,000 Baht/month was only 32.6%. 58% had never used Thai classical perfume before, however 54.0% have been using imported perfume. Perfume price selection between 100-500 Baht 46.0%.  For satisfaction in smell, B received the highest rating of 3.98 out of 4. C had a rating of 3.93 and A was 3.02.For satisfaction in the look of the perfume, B and C held the same rating of satisfaction, 3.25. The last was A which held 3.23 in satisfaction. The highest overall (smell and look) satisfaction rating of the consumer to Thai Classical perfume was B, which held a satisfaction rating of 3.62 out of 4. The second was C, which had 3.59, and last was A at a rating of 3.13.