By Anin  Memon

Award  Bronze  Prize and Special  Prize  : Seoul  International  Invention  Fair  2009 (SIIF 2009)

This research project presents the laminating Polyvinylchloride (PVC) films on mulberry paper by latex glue. The objective of the research was developed the usage of mulberry paper for multifunction and widely used. A laminating machine was designed and constructed. It had size 68 x 98 x 60 centimeters. The mulberry paper used for the research had size 55 x 75 centimeters. The PVC films in this research had thickness 0.04 mm and tensile strength was 40.22 MPa. Latex glue was used as adhesive between mulberry paper and PVC films. The main results obtained as the follows. The mulberry paper was laminated with speed 75 meter per hour or coated 100 sheets per hour with continuous laminating. The appropriate temperature for laminate was 130 oC, and the motor speed was 10 rpm. The bursting strength of normal mulberry paper thickness 0.4 millimeter before laminate was 2.94 kg/cm2 and after laminated was 7.26 kg/cm2. While mulberry paper reinforcement by fiber of teak leaf had thickness 0.25 millimeter, the bursting strength before laminate was 0.70 kg/cm2 and after laminated was 3.66 kg/cm2. The normal mulberry paper had tensile strength 37.07 MPa, after laminated it had 79.14 MPa. The reinforce mulberry paper had tensile strength before laminate 5.34 Mpa and after laminated was 56.69 Mpa. Laminated mulberry paper was glossy and more attractive, strengthening, also protected water or humidity to decline them. The product from this process had smooth surface easily to screen printing and clean out the dirt.