By Asst. Prof. Dr. Benchalak  Muangmeesri

Award  Silver  Prize : Seoul  International  Invention  Fair  2010 (SIIF 2010)

This study was a experimental research about glaze wares by using cullet from bottles, windshield, ect. For seek the compensated raw materials of glaze in earthenware. The objective of this research were to study the appropriate ratio of glaze in earthenware  and to study the evaluation of experimental glaze on the earthenware. The delimitation of the experiment was in earthenware process such as the formula calculation with triaxial, Seger empirical formula and percentage of material mixing by calculation formula for selected the best formula.

From 108 formulas experiment could be selected by empirical calculation only 6 formulas of chemical raw materials and the formulas were selected that had the appropriate ratio of alumina per silica was between 1 : 4 – 1 : 10 and percentage calculation of appropriate cullet ratio for raw materials of compensation. From the experiment found that the pottery products showed a gloss texture and no defect on earthenware.

The percentage calculation of raw materials found that 3 formulas in 6 formulas there was cullet less than 10 percents so that the researcher repeated the experiment only 3 formulas. The assessment by the experts with questionnaires and chemical testing found that all of 3 formulas could be developed the cullet to be the glaze formulas in earthenware industry.