By Asst. Prof. Dr. Boonrueng  Somprajob

Award  Gold  Prize : Seoul  International  Invention  Fair  2009 (SIIF 2009)

                 The Purposes of the Development of products and Packaging from vetiver grass board and agricultural waste for add valued and generate extra income for the community to development crafts products patterns and packaging  design  of plate filler piece vetiver grass  and agricultural waste  by using an interview and questionnaire  with 125 products manufacturers, experts and consumers.  Data analysis by SPSS for Windows.

                 The research founded:

                 1.  Manufacturers and experts satisfaction crafts products form plate filler piece vetiver grass related Buddhism specifically movable throne reflected Thai identity style and pattern at highest level.

                 2.  The satisfaction toward package development from plate filler piece vetiver grass and agricultural waste of manufacturers and experts were carving and represents a unique Thai  jewelry box model at high level.

                 3. The satisfaction toward handicraft products and packaging piece of sheet compression vetiver grass and agricultural waste of consumers at high level.