Author  S. Niamlang, T. Buranut, A. Niansiri, and A. Sirivat 

Year     2011


Aloin which is the active compounds that decrease pain and inflammation and stimulate skin growth and repair are selected as the model drug in this work. From the low content of active compound (<5 %v/v), the development of controlled Aloe-vera extraction system is required to increase the efficiency of drug therapeutic. The development of controlreleased Aloe-vera extraction, aloin from polyacrylamide hydrogel system as transdermal drug delivery patch was studied. The apparent diffusion coefficients, Dapp, hydrogel pore size and the release mechanisms of aloin/polyacrylamide hydrogels, aloin/PAAM, were investigated in the effect of crosslinking ratio of hydrogel. The pore size of crosslinked polyacrylamide hydrogel increases with decreasing amount of crosslinker. The amount of aloin release and Dapp increase with increasing hydrogel pore size. For larger pore size of hydrogel system, aloin can easily diffuse out than smller pore size hydrogel system. Thus, the amount of aloin released and Dapp can be controlled by controlling the hydrogel pore sized.

DOWNLOAD : Electrically controlled Aloe-vera extraction release from polyacrylamide hydrogel