Author  A. Simpraditpan, T. Wirunmongkol, W. Boonwatcharapunsakun, S. Sakulkhaemaruethai, S. Pivsa-art, C. Duangduen and S. Pavasupree

Year     2011


The aim of this study is to prepare mesoporous TiO2 from high specific surface area nanosheets by simple hydrothermal method at 120 ºC of 12 hrs using autoclave unit (Thai made). The shape, size (TEM), crystalline structure (XRD), BET-specific surface area and photocatalytic activity of the prepare samples were investigated. The XRD results revealed that the prepared nanosheets were amorphous phase. The specific surface area, average pore diameter and pore volume were 360.28 m2/g, 3-5 nm and 0.275 cm3/g, respectively. The crystalline structure of calcined nanosheets at 300-600 ºC was anatase TiO2 with decreasing in the specific surface area. The intensity of anatase TiO2 structure increased when the calcination temperature was increased. Moreover, the photocatalytic activity of the calcined nanosheets was higher than the as-synthesized nanosheets and commercial nano TiO2 (P-25, JRC-01, JRC-03). This preparation method provided a simple routh to fabricate nanosheets using autoclave unit (Thai made).

DOWNLOAD : Preparation of High Photocatalyst Mesoporous TiO2 from Nanosheets Using Autoclave Unit (Thai Made)