Author  O. Sadmai and S. Hiranvarodom

Year     2011


This paper proposes the design and installation of PV grid connected for small food kiosk that has been installed in The Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi in Prathumthani province. This paper consist of The computer program simulation [1] and actual installation by install PV panel on the roof of small food kiosk, the main objective is reduced electrical energy consumption, The small food kiosk have several load such as refrigerator, rice cooker, fluorescent lamp and more. Before installation of PV grid connected system, the design and simulation have been done first by computer program. The PV system has designed a single phase system which a single inverter and there are 6 PV panels type mono crystalline silicon. The actual installation has shown the electrical data which can be read from grid connected inverter. Accordingly, 5 month after installation, it shows the PV system can be produced 3.9 units per day at maximum points and average 3 units per day.

DOWNLOAD : Photovoltaic Grid Connected System for Small Food Kiosk.