Author  S. Kamtip and K. Bhumkittipich

Year     2011


This paper presents the design and analysis of interleaved boost converter for renewable energy sources. According to the changing of the input command of renewable energy sources, the output voltage has been changed. Therefore this paper proposes the interleaved boost converter for controlling the output voltage at 600V. The structure of interleaved boost converter covers an input voltage span from 100V to 300 V and has an output voltage of 600V. The converters are controlled by interleaved switching signals, which have the same switching frequency and the same phase shift. By virtue of the converters, the input current can be shared among the cells or phases, so that high reliability and efficiency in power electronic systems can be obtained. In addition, it is possible to improve the system characteristics such as maintenance, repair, fault tolerance, and low heat dissipation. Moreover, the overall performance of the compromised design was shown to be quite good. All this was verified by simulation.

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