Author Sommai Pivsa-Art, Weraporn Pivsa-Art, Sumonman Niamlang, Kiyoaki Ishimoto and Hitomi Ohara

Year     2011 


To investigate the potential to produce poly(L-lactic acid), PLLA from direct polycondensation and solid state polymerization, SSP in mass scale, PLLA were synthesized via direct polycondensation and SSP in both lab and mass scale. The synthesized PLLA from both lab and mass scale shows the comparable melting temperature, Tm and MW at the similar polymerization conditions. The appearances of synthesized PLLA are yellow-white solid powder. Thus there are high potential to produce PLLA from new process which is environmental friendly and non-complex facilities process.

DOWNLOAD : The production poly(L-lactic acid) from direct polycondensation in mass scale