Author S. Ithisoponakul, A. Memon, S. Pramoonmak, L. Montip  and P. Nateechai

Year     2011


Nowaday, the ecological friendly products were meditated. The product from mulberry paper mean the invention from the mulberry paper and might have composing inventory other for apply the advantage, such as, general wares, use be of decorate. Process education to laminate the mulberry paper with biodegradable films was the procedure that help to develop usability mulberry paper format has the varieties, correspond to the development the modernity products and green products. In this research, the laminating machine was design and construct. It has size 98 x 118 x 126 centimeter. The machine composed of the roller driver and the infrared heater. The laminate film was pull by roller driver. It passed the latex glue and infrared heater. It was coat on the mulberry paper by the rubber roller that compress laminate film contact with the paper. The results obtained as the follow. The best laminating was shown at speed 3.72 m/min. The biodegradable film had thickness 0.04 µm and tensile strength was 40.22 MPa. Tensile strength of normal mulberry paper was 37.07 MPa, after laminated it was 79.14 MPa. The laminated mulberry paper was more attractive, strengthening, also protected water or humidity to decline them. The product from this process had smooth surface easily to screen printing and clean out the dirt.

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