Author Boontan Sriboonrueng

Year     2554


The development of new and more effective methods of hybrid actuator is more and more increasingly done to produce optimal efficiency and performance outputs. In this paper, the system architecture and control of a new hybrid system which is the combination of the motion of DC motor and pneumatic motor transmitting power through a set of gear box to the output shaft is proposed. The classical controllers of PD and PID controller were applied to the rotational speed control of the proposed system. The MATLAB simulation is employed to investigate and evaluate the system performance when applying PD and PID controllers. Each type of speed controller was tested at no-load situation. Simulation results have shown that PD and PID controllers have given the similarly performance output but they are not good enough since both the DC motor and pneumatic motor runs at the different speed

DOWNLOAD : Design and Simulation of PD and PID Controller for Hybrid Actuator