Author Nongluk Promthong and Metha Sirigol

Year     2011


The information technology has applied in almost every industries such as banking, retail, transportation, public safety/law enforcement, and education. Biometric technology is used for access control, criminal verification, credit card and passport authentication and also let be getting more and more popular. A perfect identification system has not been discovered yet due to an unexpected variety of changes when a biometric is sensed. This technique has been employed such as Fingerprint, 2D/3D Barcode, RFID for personal identification or verifications since a century ago. In the past, its normal technique is limited on wiring process, not many research has intent to play as wireless application. This paper will be present the way to implement of an automated identification system with integrated transceiver function in type of remote sensing as the wireless multi devices in difference range and distance, which have been achieved the multi signals as input, then to monitoring as classification using artificial intelligent based on Neural Network by emphasis Radial Basis Function methodology to identify and classify the security information by using the various minutiae extracted from the multi signals. The classification conclusion has summary details of these identification paradigms as concept technique in this paper.

DOWNLOAD : Classification using wireless multi devices in difference range