By Sirichai Dangeam

Year 2013


This paper presents the design of the single phase induction generator for hydro turbine that driven by waterfall power. By the principle, when the water from the waterfall flows along the 1 inch pipe until to the nozzle, after that the nozzle directs water jet along a tangent to the circle through the center of the buckets. Finally, the buckets drive the rotor shaft of the single phase induction generator and generated 220V ac. voltage for distributing electric load. The design of single phase induction generator is modified by rewiring the winding of an old 1 HP, 220 V, 50 Hz motor from 4 poles to 6 poles. For impulse turbine design, this paper use the information model from Baan Kiriwong waterfall, Nakhorn Sri Thammarat province, south of Thailand for designing the dimension of the components of Pelton turbine with 9 Y, inches diameter and 18 buckets. The result in laboratory test, at on-load test, the generator can distribute the load at 115.96W, 223V, 0.52A, O.96P.F. – lagging with 1,200 rpm of shaft speed. For the applications test, the water pump are set the pressure as similar as the Baan Kiriwong waterfall and when the water jet against the bucket for moving the generator, at on-load test, the generator can distribute the load at 77.9W, 190V, OAIA, 0.98P.F. -lagging with 1,100 rpm of shaft speed. It should be suitable for light load rural area and really far from electric distribution system.

Download : A Design of Single Phase Induction Generator for Waterfall-hydro Turbine