By Sompol Kohsri and Boonyang Plangkiang

Year 2011


This paper presents (he application energy management system and control system for smart renewable energy power generation. The development of communication platform is use LAB-View technology as a basis design for overall system. The proposed prototype is construct PV 1.8 kWp, Battery 18 kWh, 5 kW Generator. The main central control system will acquire data from the remote renewable energy system. All necessary monitor data are including power generation, load consumption, protection system, and other control parameters will be store at a control unit. All monitoring data are monitored as real-time data therefore the operator can also evaluate the system situation in the current states and make decisions to take an immediate action If needed. The system can be improved by learning from monitored data recorded. Moreover the system itself can forecast and make a decision for future power analysis.

Download : Energy Management and Control System for Smart Renewable Energy Remote Power Generation