By Boonrit Prasartkaew

Year 2013


Nowadays, global warming and energy crisis problems become serious issues which affect on all creatures on our earth. One of the best ways to simultaneously address or mitigate these problems is more utilizing the renewable energy sources instead of the fossil fuel. A solar-biomass hybrid cooling system is one of the technologies for the climate change and green-house-gas mitigation. The mathematical model of this system was developed and used in the theoretical prediction of its performance and system design. To assess the accuracy of the developed mathematical model, the obtained experimental data is then compared with the simulation results, with the same operating parameters and weather conditions. This paper presents the validation of the developed model. The validation results show that the simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental results from both qualitative and quantitative points of view.

Download : Mathematical Modeling of an Absorption Chiller System Energized by a Hybrid Thennal System: Model Validation