By Wuthikrai Chankhamrian and Krischonme Bhumkittipich

Year 2011


This paper presents the effect of Series-Connected Transformer in DVR Applications. Sizes of DVR are 10 kVA, 380 Volt and frequency 50 Hz. According to the DVR operation, the comparison of with and without series connected transformer is studied. To shows that without transformer can be operated better than with transformer. Operation of with transformer will have an impact on the phase shift and voltage drop. The simulation results show that the magnitude of load voltage without the transformer about 1.0 p.u. (per unit) more than with transformer. Moreover, it has not effect of phase shift and no voltage drop. Therefore, it can be ensured that the effect of transformer, that occurred on results has to consider for DVR applications. In addition if build the prototype can be reduced cost of transformer.

Download : The Effect of Series-Connected Transformer in DVR Applications