By Piyanut Jingjit and Sriprapai Juynoy

Year 2013


The objective of this study was to apprehend the colour preferences for home textile products made from silk fabric in Thai consumer market. The study investigated for colour preferences through marketing survey research methodology, designed to collect structured data through questionnaire given to a sample of respondents that is representative of Thai consumers. The approach to consumer behavior was more micro and cognitive, which emphasised the individual consumer: attitudes, perception, and lifestyle and demographic characteristics, were studies in context of how they influence the individual consumer colour preferences. The survey gathered information from both men and women and the observations were made at three locations: Bangkok and its metropolitan, Cheingmai, and Surin. After the respondents completed the questionnaires the data were analysed with descriptive statistics; SPSS were performed post hoc for analysis. The colour scheme received the highest preferences scale for home textile products made from silk fabric was the earth tone with harmonised colours combination.

Download : Consumer Colour Preferences For Home Textile Products Made From Silk Fabrics