By Ploogkasem Chootragoon, Pichayada Katemake and Mitsuo Ikeda

Year 2013


This research investigates the effect of color appearance mode on color appearance shift, 11 Munsell patches with eight different hues and three different levels of gray were used as test stimuli. Each individual patch was shown, in a test room, to a subject sitting in subject room. The subject was asked to look at the test stimulus through a small window that is filled by the test stimulus. Thirty six illuminance combinations of the subject room and the test room were prepared, so that the subject perceived three different color appearance modes: the object color mode, unnatural object color mode and light source color mode. The subject described the color appearance of the test stimuli using the elementary color naming method and the color appearance mode for each condition. The results showed that the amount of whiteness increased while both the chromaticness and the blackness decreased with the increase of test room illuminance. However, the hue did not change when the color appearance modes changed.

Download : Relationship between color appearance mode and color appearance shift