By Kenta Kawada, Naokazu Aoki, Shoko Imaizumi and Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Year 2013


This paper presents a novel method for conducting global surveys on memory color that allows the participants to conduct tests without limiting their research area and to make speedy measurements. We studied the preferred reproduction of memory colors using prints and displays, which limit the experimental location. In addition to smartphones, the use of which has been increasing, light-emission type media displays are less affected by ambient light than print materials. Moreover, it is easy to limit certain models. It was found that the difference in color reproduction among the same kinds of smartphones is slight without the use of a special color management. Therefore, we suggest a method for surveying memory color using the Internet and smartphones that is also suitable for global surveys. We also report the survey results after applying the proposed method in Japan and Thailand.

Download : A Worldwide Survey Method For Memory Colors