By Yuhei Shoji, Tatsuya Tajima, Takehiro Nagai, Taiichiro Ishida and Yasuki Yamauchi

Year 2013


Organic light emitting diode (OLED) illumination has several unique features: thin, plane emission, and high-efficiency. Here we evaluated the color appearance of the Munsell color chips under OLED light with a novel color category rating method. A subject stayed in a booth whose illumination source was variable and observed a color chip placed on a gray background. The illuminance on the color chip surface was about 450 lx. The subject described the order of the colors perceived in the color chip using up to three colors out of 11 basic color terms (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, orange, brown, black, gray and white), and also rated the weight of each of the selected colors by dividing a total of 10 points between all perceived colors. For example, a subject may describe the color appearance of a chip as purple 7, blue 2 and gray 1. The results were compared with those obtained under ordinary D₆₅ fluorescent lights. Our results showed that under the OLED light the rate of “orange” increased while that of “purple” and “yellow” decreased.

Download : Measurement of color appearance with color category rating method under organic light emitting diode