By Assoc. Prof. Piyanan Prasarnrakit

Year 2013


The pioneer course in colour study and design at the Faculty Of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University was originated from the fact that colour design and study was only a small part of Design Fundamental module, which was not able to provide the Architecture students enough fundamental knowledge about colours. The pioneer colour stud and design was thus established in 2005 as an elective course. The aim of the course is to provide students with solid fundamental knowledge about colour usage in terms of functional and aesthetical senses. The students sould also understand changes and gimmicks, which could help creatively design colours that serve functions. The course employs the interdisciplinary concept, which combines Science with Arts and Sociology. Its structure is built up from scientific facts regarding colour perception namely colour seeing, colour interpretation, combined with aesthetics knowledge regarding colour harmony and contrast. After completing the course, the students are able to integrate knowledge attained by the “learning by seeing, touching, feeling and creating good colour design” method as well as able to show good progress in applying the theory into colour design concept creation in a short period of time. They also show interests in colour design and use colours in designing architectures. The success of this course also reflects in the number of students enrolled, from 15 students in 2005 to 52 in 2012, which proves the increase interests in colour among students.

Download : The pioneer course in colour study and design at the faculty of architecture, Chulalongkorn University