By Shino Okuda

Year 2013


Shop-houses are traditional buildings in Southeast Asia, commonly with a shop on the ground floor and residence above the shop. Malacca is one of the historic cities in Asia, and designated as a World Heritage Site. In this study, we conducted the field survey on the façade color of shop-houses in Malacca, and discussed the façade color of shop-houses in Malacca and town-houses dwelling with shop called Machiya in Kyoto comparatively. As a result, low saturated colors were used on Machiya façade in Kyoto, on the basis of “Design standard for buildings and others” including color design standards. It was shown that façade design of shop-houses in Malacca was different in each era, and many colors were used in the late era of England colony. It was also shown that façade of some shop-houses were repainted in vivid color, and these façade might detract the landscape in Malacca.

Download : Facade color of shop-houses in historic city in Asia