By Kyoung Jin, BAEK, Young In, KIM

Year 2013


The purpose of this study is to extract preferred makeup color range and to suggest makeup color combination according to face types of Korean women.A review of Literature and FGI(Focus Group Interview) was undertaken for this study. Classifications of the face types of Korean women refer to previous study. The results of this study were as follows: The preferred makeup color range was extracted total 39 colors composed of 23 colors of eye shadow, 6 colors of blusher and 10 colors of lipstick. There was higher ratio of Red/ YellowRed color and light tone for the overall color scheme. By analyzing the characteristic of makeup color combination according to face types, there were mainly in same or similar color schemes and color combination changing in saturation or brightness. In addition, there were differences in makeup color combination that form the face types.

Download : Makeup color combination according to facetypes of Korean women