By Deslaknyo Wisnu Hanjagi, Milatul Ulfa, and Saefihim

Year 2013


In Indonesia, the use of corn (Zea mays) as a staple food source is low. Communities argues that corn is the food of the lower classes, in contrast to paddy (Oriza sativa). This is because the value of fresh corn are quite low with a different texture to the rice, though corn has a higher nutritional value than rice. Adding value to corn as a qualified staple food in the community is required by processing corn into ready-made household products, such as instant rice. Corn used for manufacture is corn with high protein quality (QPM), namely the ‘Srikandi Putih’ varieties. Unlike yellow corn, texture of ‘Srikandi Putih’ instant rice like white-colored grains. White color will give the impression of sterile food. This color will attract the public to food diversification because white are symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and freedom. Instant rice from these materials can survive for more than five years.

Download : Processing QPM corn ‘Srikandi Putih’ varieties as a staple foods substitute for rice with long durability without preservatives