By Bakhrul Ulum, Saefihim and Milatul Ulfa

Year 2013


Character is a system of beliefs and practices that direct the actions of an individual. Experience and habits of life form the entire program of the human mind, the mind is a major factor forming the character, including the use of language to communicate. Sundanese is one of vernacular that spoken by at least 38 million people and is the mother language with the second largest number of speakers in Indonesia after the. Vernacular as one of the cultural heritage, and also a wealth of each region is the one that characterize a particular area, because of its diversity. In the current era of globalization, the balance of the use of language is a problem in itself. Especially among young people, many thought no longer important receipts Sundanese, as outdated. Position of the vernacular lately is not just showing identity of a particular area, but also can form a positive character to its users, with utter smoothness, choice of words appropriate interlocutors, dialect spoken, it is a unique creation that is actually a media to form character, behavior, manners and life learning tool. Sundanese language teaching in schools is a surefire steps to help build the character of youth.

Download : Sundanese as a compulsory subject at school for the formation of identity and character to youth