By C. Akapong Phunpueok, Weerapong Chewpraditkul, Voranuch Thongpool, and Deaw Aphairaj

Year 2014


Photofractions of Lu0.7Y0.3AlO3:Ce (LuYAP:Ce), Lu1.95Y0.05SiO5:Ce (LYSO:Ce), and Bi4Ge3O12 (BGO) scintillation crystals in gamma ray detection have been compared using photomultiplier tube readout for photon energies at 320, 511, and 662 keV. BGO showed much higher photofraction than LuYAP:Ce and LYSO:Ce in a same trend with the cross-section ratio obtained from WinXCOM program. The scintillation light yield and energy resolution of gamma ray energy were measured and the intrinsic resolution of all crystals was determined after correcting the measured energy resolution for PMT statistics. For 662 keV gamma rays (137Cs source), LuYAP:Ce and LYSO:Ce showed the comparable energy resolution of about 8 %, while energy resolution of BGO is the worst.

Download : Comparison of Photofraction for LuYAP:Ce, LYSO:Ce and BGO Crystals in Gamma Ray Detection