By Suwarin Pattamavorakun and Jaturapith Krohkaew

Year 2014


The data and projections show the Thai population continually increasing, on the other hand the rate of old population growth will continually. In Thailand according to age pyramid in 2012. Older people above 65 years in men and women are about 4.5 million and 4.8 million respectively. The major benefits of this online intelligent personalization of Thai health menu for elderly persons are ability to reach a large number of users at low costs, to provide detailed information online, to take applications and even to conduct tests. Also using intelligent program the elderly person can be check and matches made the health menu more quickly. This research made the Thai online website for personalized one-to-one interactions and transactions. The health menu data of information system is under the food science principle based on the research from the National Research Council of Thailand. There are the effective stages of the process involved in producing the website and testing. The web site was written the web page with HTML, Dream Weaver, PHP, Java Script and MySQL for database management system and Google Map for reaching the specific Thai health food restaurant. The web site presents issues relating to Thai health menu, which is mainly focused on broadening coverage. There are the meal for ordinary elderly person, the customized menu plan for sickness elderly person such as caused from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, rheumatism and obesity, and the clinical nutrition packages, the daily-seven-day meal packages, which present each day breakfast lunch and dinner, the body mass index (BMI) computing and the dish nutrition evaluation, the meal according to blood groups, the menu ingredients and dish computing and the dish nutrition evaluation, and the discussed member health board.

Download : Information system of personalization thai health food menu for elderly persons