By Sommai  Pivsa- rt, Dolaya  Manopiniwes, Sureerat Khae-ocha and   Watcharapong Worasettapong

Year 2009


Pyrolysis of land filled plastic waste has been carried out at 350 degree celsius  under nitrogen.  Plastics samples were supplied from the Thanyaburi municipal landfilled area. Pathumthani province. Municipal landfilled waste was separated by density different  of  plastics. Pyrolysis samples were packaging  products compried of  PE, PP and PS. The pyrolysis reactor was design to prevent the radical combination reaction from decomposed oligomers. Pyrolysis products were gas, dark brown liquid and brown solid residue.  Analysis of pyrolyzed liquid products showed similar quality to the oil products from  pyrolysis of new plastics indicated that they can be used as fuel for agricultural machines such as lawn mowers, tractors, etc.

Download : A Study on the Pyrolysis Characteristics of Landfilled Plastic Wastes