By Weraporn Pivsa-Art, Darakarn Saesin, Chanida Mongkonporn, Panida Pollao and Sommai Pivsa-Art

Year 2009


This study aims to investigate the suitable process to pyrolysis waste plastics to product gas and oil. Pyrolysis  of low density  polyethylene  (LDPE),  high density  polyethylene  (HDPE), polypropylene  (PP)  and mixture  of  PP:PE (ratio  50:50)  packaging  wastes  was studied to find the  effective pyrolysis   conditions. The packaging wastes were pyrolyzed under nitrogen at 300- 350 degree celsius for 2 h. The pyrolysis reactor was design to prevent the radical combination.  Oil products from pyrolysis of LDPE, HDPE, PP and PP:PE mixture (ratio  50:50)  packaging wastes  are   57.84, 78.1 3, 55.1 9 and 73.11 %wt/wt respectively. Analysis of pyrolyzed products compared with standard diesel fuel indicated that modification of product oil prior to utilization as fuel is necessary.

Download : Pyrolysis of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Packaging Wastes