By Somchai Hiranvarodom

Year 2009


Photovoltaic (PV) systems arc the most reliable technology for rural development. The PV has many contributions to make in developing countries, and its applications impinge on the work of many different Ministries. PV technologies need successful implementation to take activities into the target. There are a number or factors that can promote PV technologies      and PV development. The central government has to establish a centre of excellence at the national level and give the policies to the centre for promoting the P V technology and development across the country. A role of the National Photovoltaic Centre is one of the most important implementations for sustainable   development of PV   technologies.   The purpose of this paper is to discuss and focuses on the role of the National Photovoltaic Centre that is possible to conduct. This can be done by formulating integrated energy policies and programme as well as providing education, information service, collaboration, research and development, implementing training and demonstration.  It is recommended that the PV centre need to have some important activities to conduct for P V development, such as research    and   development, collaboration and training.  This is essential to provide important opportunities and to acquire new technological knowledge and skills.

Download : National PV Centre for Sustainable Development of PV Technology in Developing Countries