By Pilisan Krammart and Somnuk Tangtermsirskul

Year 2005

Journal of Engineering. RMUTT Volume 3, Issue 6 (Jul – Dec 2005), p. 125-133


An investigation on using municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash (MSWI) and calcium carbide waste (CCW) as a part of the cement raw materials was performed. Cement raw meals were replaced by 5% and 10% of  MSWI and CCW to study properties of the laboratory produced MSWI and CCW cements. Chemical composition, setting times, compressive strength and expansion in sulfate solution of the pastes and mortars made of MSWI cements and CCW cements were tested and compared with these made of conventional cement…

Download : The use of municipal solid waste ash and  calcium carbide waste as partially replacing cement raw materials for cement product