By Boonyang Plangklang

Year 2005

Journal of Engineering. RMUTT Volume 3, Issue 6 (Jul – Dec 2005), p. 134-138


As the increasing of world’s energy consumption but the sources of the energy are limited and damage the environment. The renewable energy source is therefore increasing in importance. The world energy consumption has still increased due to expected rapid increase of world population, especially in the third world and in new industrialized countries (NICs) because more humans also need more energy. Such a population increase will have a dramatic impact on energy demand, at least doubling it by 2050 [4]. Supplementing our energy base with clean and renewable sources of energy has become imperative due to the present day’s energy crisis and growing environmental consciousness. Wind is one of the potential renewable energy sources, which can be harnessed in a commercial scale for various end-uses. This paper will present the world energy situation, the implementation of wind energy and the trend of using wind energy in the future.

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