By K. Nakaviwat S. Kumpiranont and P. Apiratikul

Year 2002

Journal of Engineering. RMUTT Volume 2, Issue 1 (Jan – Jun 2002), p.90-94


A high voltage with high frequency oscillation waveshape, nowadays, is used as a standard test for electrical power equipment. A Tesla transformer is one of the sources that can generate such a waveshape. This paper presents a design and a construction of a Tesla transformer used in insulator tests. The output of the transformer has a rate of 200 kV and 200 kHz. The output waveshape is controlled based on the L-C resonance circuit. The transformer is implemented for insulator tests. It is found that the accuracy of the output obtained from the Tesla transformer is in the satisfactory level.

Download : A Low Cost Approach To Design The Tesla Transformer For Testing Of Insulating Materials