By Pranom Lommoontree, Srikanjana Jatuphatwarodom, Supa Chulacupt, Sakorn Chonsakorn, Rattanaphol Mongkholrattanasit and Wachira Chongrak

Year 2012


This paper presents an experimental research into the dimensional change of knitwear by steam ironing at 120 degree Celsius. The aim was to explore the dimensional change of knitwear of 3 kinds of yarns which were made from 100% cotton, 60% cotton and 40% acrylic and 100% acrylic. The analysis method was in according to Hi-Progress Knitting standard by using steam ironing. The result of the dimensional change of each specimen was measured after ironing in wale and course direction. The results showed that knitwear made from 100% cotton was growth the most: 4.00% in wale and 3.4% in course while knitwear made from blend yarn 60% cotton and 40% acrylic was growth 2.4% in wale and 2.9% in course, and knitwear made from 100% acrylic was growth 2.0% in wale and 3.9% in course. The result of color change after steam ironing showed in very good level.

Download : An analysis of factors affecting the knitwear ironing : a case study of hi-progress knitting co., Ltd