By Saichon Mongkon, Srikanjana Jatuphatwarodom, Sutusanee Boonyobhas, Sakorn Cholsakorn and Rattanaphol Mongkholrattanasit

Year 2012


The objective of this research was the experiment with the ease techniques on blouse arm holes. The fabrics in the testing were thin silk, cotton muslin, and chiffon. Four ease techniques were basting, gathering by iron press, gather sewing, and pucker foot. The experiment engaged with students, dressmaker, and garment factories stitchers. The standard time measurement method was used. Percentage and average techniques were used for the statistical analysis. The results were as follows: The pucker foot technique gave better performance than the others. Concerning the standard time of the four techniques with the three kinds of fabric, the time of thin silk was 0.27 minutes; of cotton muslin, 0.27 minutes; and of chiffon, 0.34 minutes. Thin silk resulted in the strongest seam of 251.31 newton.

Download : Evaluation of Efficiency of Ease Techniques for Blouse Arm Holes