By M. Shafai bejestan, M. Karami moghaddam and M.Seyedian

Year 2013

The 14th TSAE National Conference and the 6th TSAE International Conference : TSAE 2013. p.170-174


It is the main goal of this study to investigate sediment delivery to an intake from trapezoidal canal. In this study, suspended sediment feed upstream of a lateral intake under different flow conditions. Intake angle was taken as 90 degree on a side of trapezoidal flume. From analysis of these data it was found that the flow patterns at the upstream of the intake has been modified in such a way that more water from surface layers are diverted compare to the case of intake from a rectangular flume. Therefore less suspended sediment enters the intake. Also it was found that in all tests the amount of sediment enters the intake reaches its minimum value at Froude Number between o.35‘

Download: Best flow condition for lateral intakes of irrigation canals